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RunInfo Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The complete run information.

Definition at line 28 of file report.cpp.

Public Member Functions

bool read (const string &file)
 Read it.
void removeReport (const string &outputDirectory)
 Delete a written report.
bool writeReport (const string &outputDirectory)
 Write the report.

Private Member Functions

void updateStatistics ()
 Update the aggregated statistics.
bool writeCSS (const string &outputDirectory)
 Write the CSS file.
bool writeDirectoryReport (const string &outputDirectory, const string &dirName, const DirInfo &dirInfo, unsigned &dirCounter, unsigned &fileCounter)
 Write a directory report.
bool writeFileReport (const string &outputDirectory, const string &fileName, const FileInfo &fileInfo, const string &dirName, unsigned dirCounter, unsigned &fileCounter)
 Write a file report.
void writeFooter (ofstream &out)
 Write the footer.
void writeHeader (ofstream &out, const string &title, const string &viewString, unsigned totalLines, unsigned hitLines, unsigned totalStatements, unsigned hitStatements)
 Write the header.
bool writePNGs (const string &outputDirectory)
 Write used png images.

Private Attributes

string args
 The arguments.
string command
 The command.
map< string, DirInfodirs
 The directories.
string timestamp
 The timestamp.


struct  DirInfo
 Coverage information about a directory. More...
struct  FileInfo
 Coverage information about a file. More...
struct  LineInfo
 Coverage information about a line. More...

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