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Debugger Class Reference

#include <Debugger.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Interface for the debugger.

Definition at line 9 of file Debugger.hpp.

Public Types

enum  Event { Error, Exit, Trap }
 Possible events.

Public Member Functions

bool close ()
 Close the debugger.
 Debugger ()
void eliminateHitBreakpoint (BreakpointInfo &i)
 Remove the breakpoint we just hit and adjust IP.
void * getIP ()
 Get the current IP.
void * getIPBeforeTrap ()
 Get the current IP if we executed a trap instruction.
bool load (const std::string &executable, const std::vector< std::string > &arguments)
 Load a program.
bool removeBreakpoints (std::map< void *, BreakpointInfo > &addresses)
 Remove breakpoints.
Event run ()
 Run the program.
bool setBreakpoints (std::map< void *, BreakpointInfo > &addresses)
 Set breakpoints.
 ~Debugger ()

Private Attributes

long activeChild
 The currently active child (can be different when threaded).
long child
 The child.


class  BreakpointInfo
 Breakpoint information. More...

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